More young heroes!

More young people are standing up and demanding climate justice, and they seem to making a difference. Their lives and their children’s lives are in the balance but we all can help. Grist published the article, and it is an uplifting read in the midst of so much negative press and lack of progress on climate justice. If there’s something you can do to help these heroes or ones like them … please do so!

The gist of it, quote: “Even though we can’t vote, we can show up on the streets and wake up politicians. It’s our future on the line, not theirs,” said 17-year-old Abby DiNardo, a senior from Delaware County. The high school senior recently coordinated a Wide Awake action outside the home of the Republican senator Pat Toomey, a former Wall Street banker who has repeatedly voted against climate action measures.

The Sunrise Movement was founded by a small group of disparate young activists in 2017 and initially focused on helping elect proponents of clean energy in the 2018 midterms. It has since evolved into an influential youth-led political movement, with more than 400 hubs nationwide that use rallies, sit-ins and old-fashioned voter outreach to help elect local, state and national candidates who back key progressive issues such as the Green New Deal and police and immigration reform.

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