Grist published on the work of a 15 year old Malaysian journalist writing about indigenous land rights, ownership and how that changes the outcomes. A truly up-lifting story as well as highlighting the outstanding courage and talent of this young person.

The key, quote: “The good news is that our community and thousands of others around the world have a powerful tool for fighting back: land ownership. In May, my father was the first to receive the news that the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry had granted us permanent ownership of our ancestral land, including more than 23,000 acres of forestlands and another 1,500 acres of croplands. It took 22 years to reach this historic victory — the largest indigenous land grant in Indonesia, according to the ancestral domain registration agency BRWA.”

I am just amazed at the persistence, courage and compassion of young people like Kynan Tegar … watch for him and his work to see if you can help!

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