Senator Warren to EPA on environmental justice

While the letter Senator Warren wrote to the EPA will most likely go unanswered with the current administration, the request and focus on methods of measuring and investing to correct environmental justice is paramount for both the climate and US society, at least imho.

Here’s Grist’s take on the letter –

The letter is yet to be posted to Warren’s website –

Here’s the important element to the context of Warren’s letter, quote: “In 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency under President Obama established a tool called EJSCREEN to literally map the factors that create environmental injustice. The map shows how 11 environmental indicators — things like “proximity to a Superfund site” or “lead paint indicator” — affect any given zip code in the U.S., overlaid with general demographic information about each area. (Disclosure: EJSCREEN was co-created by Lisa Garcia, the senior advisor to the administrator for environmental justice at the EPA under Obama. Garcia is now the Fix program director at Grist; she played no role in assigning or editing this article.) In recent years, some states — namely California, New York, Washington, and Maryland — developed their own, more comprehensive mapping tools, often based on EJSCREEN, to help them figure out where to direct attention and resources.

A tool like EJSCREEN could play a crucial role in helping to administer an environmental justice–informed climate plan like the $2 trillion plan Democratic nominee Joe Biden is proposing. Biden has promised to devote 40 percent of the benefits of his plan to disadvantaged communities, and his plan actually describes a tool that sounds quite a bit like EJSCREEN. Such a tool could help guide federal and state decisions around permitting for factories and power plants, funding for climate resiliency projects, and state environmental regulations.”

Regardless of who wins this upcoming election, we, the environmentally aware voters, will need to speak up / out to influence green investments take into account the full range of justice, not just investments.

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