Who owns my car’s data?


There is a ballot initiative in MA this go around that is very important and it’s getting positioned not as strongly as its potential disruption could be … depending.

Here’s Wired’s positioning of the imitative, quote: “The ad centered on Massachusetts Question 1 on the ballot this fall, a proposed update to an existing automobile-repair law. The measure is meant to address how data sharing will work as cars start to suck in and share more wireless data. The Coalition for Safe and Secure Data, backed by giant automakers, is urging state residents to vote No, arguing that easier access to this data poses security risks.”

The discussion of who can repair or not repair is a placeholder for the tough question about data ownership – and cars are just the tipping point. This will translate to all ‘smart devices’ that create data for self-monitoring, repair, etc … who owns that data? The person who purchased the device, the company who made the device (who then licenses repair people to view that data) … these are really tough questions and if we end up in a hodge-podge mis-match mess by products or states it will be VERY expensive to unravel.

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