Archeology & the huntress

National Geographic article

From Nation Geographic, and that ended up in at least several news feed platforms (including Science), continued evidence that ~10k years ago women were hunters, but were always assumed to only gather. Men were the hunters. That biased framework continues to crumble, quote: “Now, the researchers report that the burial was indeed that of a female, challenging the long-standing “man the hunter” hypothesis. Her existence led them to reexamine reports of other ancient burials in the Americas, and they found 10 additional women buried with projectile points who may also have been hunters. “The message [of the new finding] is that women have always been able to hunt and have in fact hunted,” says archaeologist Bonnie Pitblado of the University of Oklahoma, Norman, who was not part of the study.”

What happens to all of the incorrectly classified artifacts and inferences due to that ‘male only hunts’ assumption bias? Could history be just a tiny bit different …

Yet, for some reason clearly beyond all reason, we in the US cannot pass an Equal Rights Amendment to codify equality for women.

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