Yale’s climate survey of American opinions – surprisingly positive

Grist pointed to this data repository from Yale – just a massive data set on opinions – answers to different questions. For data-dogs, that is a great site to poke around.

For those who want a more compressed view, check out the Grist article.

Quote, “As we wait for all the votes to be counted, you can take your mind off things by checking out these alternative, more comforting maps of the United States. Courtesy of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC), they highlight some positive trends in public opinion on global warming. We may be a politically divided nation, but a growing majority accepts that climate change is here, it’s human-caused, and it’s bad. Even some aggressive policy approaches are more widely supported than you might think.”

Grist describes 5 different maps. To give you an example, here is the first one quoted:

Global warming is real

Despite President Trump’s high-profile climate denial, a whopping 72 percent of Americans accept that global warming is happening. Even in denialist strongholds like West Virginia, where governor Jim Justice is a former coal mogul and has denounced initiatives to fight climate change, nearly three-fifths of the state’s residents accept the unequivocal scientific consensus. In Democratic hotspots like Washington, D.C., that number climbs as high as 83 percent.

There are 4 more. These really helped me overcome some angst that so many Americans support a leader who denies any and all climate issues. Uplifting and needed at this juncture.

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