Gillian Welch & David Rawlings – NYT post is soooo good

NYT put out a piece on Gillian and David and it is VERY good. Two more grounded musicians playing together for this long (and making some remarkable timeless music) is amazing in today’s world. Their website – and they have new (from the vault too) music to check out – will explain more about them, and how to buy their music to help them thru these times.

Two recent songs are a ‘must hear’ … from this album – “Baby it ain’t no lie” an Elizabeth Cotton song and “Senor” a Bob Dylan song. Both songs were preformed by Jerry Garcia but I think Gillian and David’s versions are better. The YouTube below is a great example of their music.

For those of you who know Gillian and David’s music, they are not only genius musicians, they also have a deep appreciation for their musical heritage. Here is Emmy-Lou Harris on the pair, quote (from NYT):

“Which lover are you, Jack of Diamonds? Now you be Emmylou, and I’ll be Gram.” Emmylou Harris has made a career out of a great many talents, but one of them is her versatility as a duet partner — notably, as Welch and Rawlings say in the song, in the early ’70s with Gram Parsons. But also with Dolly Parton and Linda Ronstadt on two albums as a trio, and at times over the past two decades with Welch herself. “Most singers, most people I hang around with, people love to sing together,” Harris told me over the phone when asked about the roots that Welch and Rawlings continually tap into. But there’s a certain joy in finding what she called “that perfect third voice together.” She likened it to dancing. “You don’t have to be fleet of foot; you’re just joining in with someone else.” Harris insists that Welch and Rawlings have remained so sturdy as a duo because they would be playing music regardless of whether anyone was listening to them. “They’re so pure without being precious,” she says. “In their own way, they’re punk.”

Rawlings is also one of the most interesting living acoustic guitar players around with great influence to the likes of Molly Tuttle and others.

Featured image is from NYT.

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