Exiting Google – as much as possible

The plan is to reduce to the bare minimum any and all traffic through the Google infrastructure that can easily be tied to my digital persona (and those of my contacts).

Why? you ask … It’s easy. Follow the money. Google makes money selling ads (mostly) to other companies. The value of their ads (the price they can charge) is related to the depth and breadth of information they can offer – basically, the better they know you, the more they can charge to ‘share’ you with other companies. I’m done being inundated with ads – … no more!

What am going to do? … It’s going to take time. I will move all my personal information into Apple and all my professional information into Microsoft. Each has a different revenue / margin model but neither depends on selling my information to other companies … from my experience and observation, both use my information to sell more products and services TO ME. They actually have a strategic rationale for NOT sharing my data so they have an advantage over others to sell to me. But, I am also not an idiot and realize that even in Apple and Microsoft, it’s not black / white, off / on, ads / no ads. Just better than Google is my thesis.

This is not going to be easy nor quick. It includes, GMAIL, Chrome, Maps, Drive … Search will be the hardest, especially Academic.

Periodically, I will update progress here …

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