Jobs report – Heisenberg’s ‘under the hood’

Today’s jobs report was terrible relatively speaking. Yet, the market goes up as the super smart traders infer that with things so bad, more stimulus (re liquidity) will be necessary and McConnell’s obstruction will end. Well, that’s fine for people to think and infer, but in practice with my money I want facts, details and a good solid analysis under the hood so to speak. Heisenberg does it better than any I know and still makes it readable (and fun). He is usually really good about reminding us that these numbers represent actual human beings – our neighbors. Life is not easy for millions of Americans right now … sigh

This is worth the read today. The indicators are all over the map when you look at jobs, interest rates, dollar and gold … but then I remember, “don’t fight the fed” … so Wall St loves liquidity regardless of the human price.

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