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This is an incredibly smart group of people and from across a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. Some I’ve worked with, and some I’ve heard of … What do they produce?

A survey on the efficacy and failures of the Trump administration (mostly failures) within cybersecurity.


A sample from WAPO (subscription may be required) – quoted below

  • WRONG DIRECTION: “Most successes in cybersecurity over the past four years were not done by the ‘Trump administration’ but by government officials working against or despite that administration.” — Jason Healey, a former White House cybersecurity official who’s now a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s School for International and Public Affairs
  • RIGHT DIRECTION: “The Trump administration made significant advancements in cybersecurity in areas such as the creation of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and relaxing restrictions on U.S. Cyber Command. However, there were also setbacks such as the elimination of the role of White House cybersecurity coordinator and the termination of CISA Director Christopher Krebs.” — Steve Grobman, chief technology officer at McAfee
  • WRONG DIRECTION: “Instead of a unity of effort we got less cyber-coordination at the State Department and White House, and an absence of U.S. participation on global norms of acceptable behavior.” — Jeff Moss, founder and chief executive of DEF CON Communications
  • RIGHT DIRECTION: “The government employees made good, albeit limited, progress on many cybersecurity issues — e.g. CyberCom’s “persistent engagement” and CISA’s support of election security. They did so despite the resistance of Trump himself and the wrongheaded decision of Trump/Bolton to de-emphasize cybersecurity at the NSC level.” — Paul Rosenzweig, a top DHS official during the George W. Bush administration who now runs Red Branch Consulting
  • WRONG DIRECTION: “Cybersecurity was never a priority for this administration and so many lost opportunities came and went over the past four years.” — Joseph Hall, senior vice president for a strong Internet at the Internet Society
  • RIGHT DIRECTION: “Trump himself deserves little credit, but during his time good things have happened.” — Bobby Chesney, director of the Center for International and Security Law at the University of Texas at Austin
  • WRONG DIRECTION: “Probably Trump’s biggest impact in cybersecurity efforts across the country is through his claim of election fraud via unproven hacked voting systems that have helped tear this country in half.” — Tony Cole, chief technology officer at Attivo Networks

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