Food scarcity and price increases – danger, danger, danger …

H posted an update on a missive from Albert Edwards (Bio – nobody to be taken lightly).

The graphics are key (copied from H)

These rising prices will have significant impact to all corners of the world … and less you think USA is spared, …

In typical H fashion, he ends w/ quote from Albert, quoted here:

Some believe the transition to the kind of monetary-fiscal “partnerships” seen across developed economies in the wake of the pandemic could bolster commodities going forward, especially if the global vaccination push is successful in restoring economic activity. Lingering disruptions in supply chains could conceivably add to upward price pressure on some goods.

“As industrial commodities break upwards fueled by the cyclical recovery and extremely loose monetary policies worldwide, keep a very close eye as to whether we see a repeat of the 2010/11 surge in food prices,” Albert went on to say, before cautioning that “on the 10th anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring, and with poverty having already been made much worse by the pandemic, another food price bubble could well be the straw to break the very angry camel’s back.

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