WA, BC & OR struggling to meet carbon reduction pledges

Grist out today with an article on ‘Cascadia’ and how well we’ve done wrt our carbon reduction pledges, quote: “Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia pledged to slash greenhouse gas emissions. In a decade full of big talk and epic battles, they all failed.

There were some victories in shutting down coal generating plants and stopping new ones being built, but … Grist ends with the coup de gras, quote: “Cascadia’s problem was the rest of its economy. Buildings, industry, and especially transportation generate over two-thirds of Cascadia’s emissions. Carbon-cutting options for those — such as electric heat pumps to replace gas furnaces and urban redesigns to reduce vehicle travel — were more complex and costly than swapping out coal stacks for wind turbines. And none of Cascadia’s governments had policies strong enough to forcefully drive those options into use.”

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