Tony Rice Day

If you’ve never listened to Tony Rice … it’s time. You have choices – bluegrass, jazz, folk or dawg. I don’t care which but you’ll be surprised regardless. Bryan Sutton, another very fine player, put together a tribute if interested.

Tony recently left this earth physically (New Yorker) but as an acoustic guitar player, I’m not too sure who left more behind (one could argue Clarence White and I’d retort that Tony picked up Clarence’s work after his untimely death – Tony even admits this on a Homespun video that Clarence paved the way for him).

Here’s a great jazz album w/ Tony (Apple / Spotify)

Here’s a great bluegrass tune – Sally Goodin (Apple / Spotify)

Every time I listen to a Tony tune, I can’t really figure out what he is doing, but it makes me work harder at being a better guitar player. Tony also influenced my guitar buying – buy one like his and play like him (ha!) … my favorite guitar (i have 5) is this

Santa Cruz Vintage Artist - mid 1990s

Goddess bless Tony and all he gave us!

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