ELAW publishes Plastic legal resource

The wonderful folks have put together a new Plastic resource center like they did earlier on coal. This is just fabulous and I’m anxious to see how it grows / matures as we, the global community, take a more serious position on plastic. Per the ELAW charter, this will focus primarily on non-US/EU law – quote: “ELAW is pleased to present this overview of laws designed to tackle the growing problem of disposable plastic. This site currently focuses on laws applied from the design of the plastic product to final disposal. We also share summaries of select laws and decisions from courts addressing the problem. For the most part, we focus on laws from outside the U.S. and Europe.”

A key section in Plastic center is the focus on “False Solutions”, quote: “It is important that efforts to tackle single-use plastic do not encourage other unsustainable practices, sometimes referred to as “false solutions.” For decades, plastic manufacturers have touted recycling as the solution to plastic waste, but it turns out that less than 10% of the world’s plastic is recycled. iv In fact, industry leaders never expected recycling to be the answer, even while promoting it.”

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