More worry about water – the age of dams across the world

Statista sometimes just amazes me with the data infographs they put together. A recent one is on the age of dams and where the average age is an alarm – source information was from UN Institute for Water, Environment and Health. Oddly, who is listening to that alarm?

Infographic: Where Dams Have Reached "Alert" Age | Statista

Those top two countries deserve special merit … quote: “dam keepers in the UK and Japan are most likely to be worried about the age of their water storage infrastructure. In both countries, average dam age has surpassed 100 years, double of what the report calls the “alert” age for large dams, defined as those with a height of at least 15 meters or a capacity of at least 3 million cubic meters (for dams between 5 and 15 meters high).”

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