Children starving in US

The ever stimulating Dr H put out a post today on Children Starving in US. He quickly compares the conversation to going to the dentist or talking to your doctor about embarrassing symptoms (or things you want to avoid) … BUT holy crap! The data is incriminating. (Hopefully I have not butchered the commentary, and i encourage you to read the original post). The key takeaway, is that this is fixable yet we seem to not want to … they’re our children right, our future? Why would we let them go hungry?

From the post – …

The comparison to other countries (the lower the bar the better)

H’s point: “Oh, and if you’re wondering how the US compares globally versus other rich countries on childhood poverty, the word is “embarrassing.” The US is nowhere near the OECD average. America can’t even see Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway, from where it’s at.”

H also points out that the color of a child’s skin will determine their probability of hunger. H continually points out the color differences in data – averages hide discrepancies and gloss over our common embarrassing social characteristics.

But, … H points out that hunger was impacted by assistance from c-19

HIs comment to the graph is priceless: “Namely that the decrease in poverty during the months when the first major COVID stimulus package was being deployed indicates that lawmakers and Treasury can, in fact, drive down poverty rates literally overnight. It is that simple. Almost, anyway.”

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