New Category: Uncommon birds

February 10 – walking around the Meadowlark Marsh

Note: Photo source below = Cornell Lab as the camera remained home out of the rain

Northern Harrier Adult male

Northern Harrier: Observed mature male hunting over marsh land; white splash at base of tail and hunting style were key to ID. No camera – source Cornell Lab.

Snowy Egret Immature

Snowy Egret: There were two birds in the same marsh as the Northern Harrier, but both seemed like immature birds based on the head plumage – though on the tall side. Great Blue Herons are common in our area, but Snowy Egrets much less. No camera – source Cornell Lab.

Northern Pintail Male

Northern Pintail: This duck-like bird is so graceful both on the water and in the air. There were quite a number in the marsh, but not seen within the city (rivers, mill race and ponds). No camera – source Cornell Lab.

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