Unable to leave town, and wanting a new way of hiking the butte … up and down seemed like a good idea at the time – each ‘up’ was longer than the previous one. All in all, it was a great hike for the second week running at the Butte. Started as early as possible after sunrise and was the first person on the hill with the birds in full symphony.

Heading out to the butte, there was a tiny cloud cap on the top. Pics just couldn’t capture sufficiently

I hit the trail just as the sun came over the ridge

Immediately, some friends were busy eating and quickly ignored me (there was another deer on the other side of the butte, but that one was too big / fast to capture in camera) – first deer seen on the Butte in the last couple years.

The lower forest floor had few flowers left in bloom, and seems most of the bushes had turned to leaf production. The snails and slugs were plentiful … the leaves are exploding the forest is green everywhere.

Early in the morning, the fog socked in the valleys and the mists climbed the butte and disappeared as soon as they arrived.

Later in the morning, most of the fog was gone, the cascades were visible and some crazy guy was riding around in an gas-powered paraglider (sic?).

All the details … this could be the last Spencer Butte hike of 10+ until the fall … the Butte has been extremely kind this spring!

All Trails Factoids
Distance: 12.3 miles | Elevation Gain: 3,517 ft | Avg Pace 23:02 / miles — Recording

Gear TypeFor this Hike
PackNorthFace ION 20L
ShoesTOPO Trailrunners
Top LayersBaselayer LS
Bottom LayerREI cold weather pants
SocksDual layer REI Poly liner + REI lightweight Merino wool
WaterBladder 2 L – drank >7/8; 14oz nalgene (finished at lunch)
Supporting toolsNo Trekking pole
No Gaiters
No toe callous bumpers – emergency only

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