After warmer weather and several weeks, another jaunt up and around Mary’s Peak was just the ticket this morning. Great clear weather for an early May Tuesday.

Driving to the trailhead was a reminder of how rurally beautiful Oregon can be with the mist rising from from alfalfa fields with cows grazing between the massive industrial sprinklers – oh, the irony. Coming up to TH, the peak looked so different without any snow atop like last time.

Once at the TH, the look over the valley toward the Cascades was remarkable … while incredibly hazy.

The wildflowers and meadow grasses were just starting to come out; with another 10-14 days, the meadows will be amazing! I made a new friend as well – the little one sat there for 5 minutes just waiting for food (none was given).

Once around the top, the coastal range …

One just has to overlook the scars of clearcutting

And, looking west over the Willamette is another scene completely

The last visit here, snow was everywhere and people were skiing at the trail junction.

Summary: Mid-to-late May would be ideal for flowers (mid-week best). I hiked 6 miles without another human being seen or heard – wonderful. There are tons of options to extend / shorten the hike, and it’s a place to see for sure.

All Trails Factoids
Distance: 10.1 miles | Elevation Gain: 2,592 ft | Avg Pace 22:42 / miles — Recording

Gear TypeFor this Hike
PackREI Trail 40L
Training for higher elevation hikes with more gear
Pack failed: sore hips with poor fit – need to replace with 30L size pack
ShoesColumbia fabric boots
Expected mud after all the snow – mud was minimal
Top LayersBaselayer LS + cotton LS sun protection
Bottom LayerREI Sahara convertible pants
SocksDual layer REI Poly liner + REI lightweight Merino wool
Feet were not that happy — time to move to silk liners
WaterBladder 2 L – 1.5; 14oz nalgene consumed w/ lunch
Supporting toolsNo Trekking pole – not needed
No Gaiters – definitely time for them now
No toe callous bumpers – emergency only


  1. And home for lunch? Great way to start the day.

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