“Do not buy” – single use plastic abusers

Infographic: The World's Biggest Single-Use Plastic Waste Producers | Statista

Here’s the info from those data wonders at Statista, quote: “Published by The Mindaroo Foundation, The Plastic Waste Makers Index analyzed 1,000 factories to determine the companies producing the most single-use plastic waste. The research found that 20 companies were responsible for generating 55 percent of all single-use plastic waste in 2019. 

The main offenders are petrochemical giants who produce the polymers that become everything from plastic bottles to face masks. ExxonMobil was the biggest worst producer, generating 5.9 million metric tons of single-use plastic waste in 2019. It was followed by by Dow and Sinopec with 5.6 million tons and 5.3 million tons, respectively.”

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