Rainy day Ridgeline

Some days it rains. Some days, we hike in the rain. Today was such a day, and it was marvelous. (it was also a great test of day-hike gear system – review post coming). I expected rain, dressed for rain and brought extra water-proof roll-top bags. To make sure I could escape the trail and head home quickly if gear failed, I stayed close to home on Ridgeline Trail – started at N. Willamette TH, went west to Blanton TH, then up to the top of Spencer, then to the top of Baldy, then to the top of Spencer and back to the car.

Driving to the TH I thought maybe the weather had cleared, and it would NOT rain

That proved incorrect. The first 1 mile was without rain, and then the rain jacket came out / on, and it rained for over 10 miles. Before it rained, the birds were out – this this little one

The rain kept the bigger / better camera inside the waterproofing. All the remaining pics were from iPhone SE. After seeing 4 people early, I hiked to the top w/out seeing another human. I did however see another deer at the bottom of the trail almost same place as last time.

Another (or the same) barred owl was in almost the same location as earlier in the Spring. It just sat there watching something other than me … lunch?

Coming back thru the woods, a very quiet place and a loud singer (iPhone SE voice memo) … just beautiful with the rain quiet woods

The weather finally got a bit better – or at least it stopped raining.

One negative episode was at one of the TH where a woman was getting in the car and misplaced her unleashed dog. The dog was very aggressive and ‘attacked’ me barking and growling. I calmly stood still and turned my head away – the dog was going so fast, intimidating, that it ran into me … if snake eyes could, kill that woman would be rotting in the parking lot. People who cannot and will not manage an aggressive dog are purely wastes of space / air and should have their animals removed imho … pet ownership is a responsibility – they are sentient creatures, not accessories.

Summary: A great hike in the rain. Few people, lots of animals, tons of rain … 15 miles, >3,000 ft elevation and peaceful quiet. There’s nothing quite like walking in OR forests in the rain … if you’ve not done it, maybe it’s time.

All Trails Factoids
Distance: 15.5 miles | Elevation Gain: 3,363 ft | Avg Pace 21:33 / miles — Recording

Gear TypeFor this Hike
PackGregory Citro 30
ShoesColumbia fabric boots
Top LayersBaselayer LS + Rain Jacket (Mountain Hardware)
Bottom LayerREI Sahara convertible pants
SocksDual layer REI Poly liner + REI lightweight Merino wool
GaiterREI ‘On the Trail Gaiters’
WaterBladder 2 L – 2L + 375ml consumed
Supporting toolsTrekking pole – not needed
No toe callous bumpers – emergency only

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  • Michael, You have always moved thru life at top speed, glad you are enjoying a slower pace and taking in so many sights and sounds! Love, Mom

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