All the best plans, and yet sometimes crazy stuff happens. Originally, I set out to hike Goodman Creek to Eagles Rest trail. The trail leaves from the Hardesty TH. Everything was going well on the drive to the TH, the clouds and fog were lifting off the reservoir.

Starting out on the trail, the flowers were outstanding with the wild Rhodies in bloom.

The trail winds around the creek’s entrance to the reservoir and then heads up the hill – there was only one blow-down on the trail in the first 3.5 miles.

This is where things got interesting – I reached into my pocket and realized my car keys were in the ‘temporary’ pocket, not the ‘really locked the car pocket’. I could NOT remember locking my car at the TH, so i ran all the way down the hill ~3.5m to make sure the car was locked – it was.

I spent the remaining 5 miles hiking along the S Willamette Trail past Eula Ridge trail.

That was the most stable bridge of the day – just odd.

Summary: The planned hike was a bust. The entire day, I saw 2 other humans. The forest was green, beautiful and blooming. Bikers’ use was minimal and damage low – trail was well maintained with a few muddy spots but nothing over shoe-treads. This valley whoops me every time one way or another – Goodman Creek trail is a forest hike – a tad more relaxing than Hardesty.

All Trails Factoids
Distance: 12.8 miles | Elevation Gain: 2,238 ft | Avg Pace 21:33 / miles — Recording

Gear TypeFor this Hike
PackGregory Citro 30
Note: packed worked well during 3 mile run – bladder sloshed noisy
ShoesColumbia fabric boots
Top LayersBaselayer LS + 2nd medium poly layer
Bottom LayerREI Sahara convertible pants
SocksDual layer: REI silk liners + REI lightweight Merino wool
GaiterREI ‘On the Trail Gaiters’
WaterBladder 2 L – 2L + 375ml consumed
Supporting toolsTrekking pole – used thru muddy sections
No toe callous bumpers – emergency only

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