A quick 3x to the top and touching both Fox Hollow and Willamette trailheads was the mid-week work out. Put on my Northface 20L day pack, and hit the trail by 6:30am. Smoke was threatening to fill the valley from near-by fires (around Oakridge), and as has been the case recently, deer were in the valley where not often seen (hiding from fires / smoke?)

The first time at the top, there were few other humans yet the smoke was clearly on the way.

As the morning faded, the smoke increased …

There were not as many people on the trail as I had expected, and Spencer Butte remains one of the easiest (and best) to access hiking workout with a 15 min drive. I went the 9miles so engaged with the hike, I only stopped for bio breaks – no ‘stop time’.

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