The winds of change have shifted: the winds were blowing cold (~40 f) bringing smells of rain and weather people put 100% probability of >.5″ of rain on Saturday (one report said no meaningful rain since July 7). What better morning activity than zip up and around Spencer Butte?

That 1 hour before and around sunrise as the sun peaks over the ridge is my favorite time, and starting at Willamette TH going west toward Blanton TH did not disappoint.

Turned around at Blanton TH and zipped up to top for 360 degree view – the smoke from cascades was not that visible, but the air was certainly not clean and visibility was limited – no views of the Sisters, for example.

From the top, all the way to Baldy and then back to the car … if there’s any question that Fall is on the way …

This one tree gets a pic almost every i pass by … just fab

Gear News:

New pants after dismal REI pants with broken zipper and torn legs – Outdoor Research Equinox Pants (REI link). Loved the tighter straight legs w/ stretchy material. Great zipper pocket for keys, etc. Only down side was the pants are a bit hot and not for summer – but great for 30-70 degree days.

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