Leaving home very early to catch first light on the trail did not prepare me for the early morning moon. The harvest moon was later in the day, and I was ready for that one, but the morning moon surprised me. Then from the road, the amount of snow on the summits was also surprise

Elk Lake Th going south gets to a view spot in about 1m, and with all the snow, fog, and chilly air (my hands hardly worked), things were gorgeous.

There was ice, mud puddles, fog, steam and just about everything else that comes from cold water and snow after months of nothing but sunshine.

There were few other human beings on this section of the trail, so the animals made the most of it. I came around a corner, and there were >10 jays just screaming and screaming. At first I thought it was me, but then … i saw the marten running away. The jays had chased it away and with my help … shortly after, a mink ran through the trees off to my left; all within an hour – whew!

Heading back toward th, the snow and views continued to surprise. Notice the declining snow over the 3 days?

On the ridge above Elk Lake, the sailboats were on the water, and I sat back watching the sunset waiting for that big harvest moon.

When that moon came up … oh my!

I don’t know which was better … a) the ice, snow and water, b) the jays and marten, or c) the harvest moon … why not all? What a day!


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