Day 3 (Sisters Loop + S Sister)

I arrived at Devils Lake TH 30 min before light and left at first light up the climbers’ trail – the moon was still up

Up the climbers trail to the first ‘table’ is 1.5miles, steep, but fast and once you reach the edge everything opens up. Crossing the climbers’ trail on Moraine Lake tr follows the lake’s edge toward Green Lakes (the lake was ~60% of size when camped there in July).

Heading down around the east side of S Sister was new ground for me, and I was greatly surprised by neighbors and then the water following the lava moraine from the lakes.

Around the lakes, the views are fab … while the skies are clear

The clouds rolled in, temperature dropped, rain / wind shell was put on … rain?

This is when I decided to turn around, head back to S Sister and go up until the clouds (just to see it) for better pics.

While this was the shortest day of the 3, it was both challenging and beautiful! I returned to the car well rewarded.


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