A rainy day, so the better camera stayed home – especially with all its unpredictable behavior and failures recently (… a new camera needed?). Hence, all pics are iPhone SE2.

With only the morning to burn in the woods, Spencer Butte was the best ticket. I started very early from Willamette TH then went west to Blanton TH, up to the summit, back down to Ridgeline and back up … then to car. On way to TH, there were deer in the road (mother / baby) and too many cars, but no bodies were on side of road on way home – WHEW!

There were maybe 10 other hikers the entire time, and I spent 1/2 mile talking w/ another about shoes, packs and conditioning (he also wore Topo).

Starting out, the light sky was misleading as it rained most of the time … that wonderful OR mist that just keeps coming but didn’t soak thru my layers :0

After going to Blanton and coming back the 4 miles, the sky had changed as it will do in OR during fall

By the time I was at the top the second time, the rain had lessened, and the sky changing

Just a typical day in OR, and such a shame to stay indoors


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