A supposedly rainy day expected, so geared up accordingly and headed to the Fox Hollow TH very early – arriving just before first light. Getting ready to go, a pair of trail runners with headlamps ‘on’ stopped for portapot and we all listened to the owls singing – some where at the Raptor Center and others not. Nikon camera was put away around 2/3 way as drizzle and rain arrived.

Camera flash required as I set out heading from TH west on Ridgeline toward Spencer.

The sun crested shortly thereafter and the morning was off

Being only a mile or so to Spencer’s top from the TH, quickly the sky gave way to what was in store for the day.

Typical odd OR day when the fog socks in the valleys and the sky threatens something wet. Arriving atop the first time was something (a 14 pic gallery posted here)

From the top, back down to Ridgeline and to Blanton TH, then back with a view upward to Spencer from S. Willamette TH

That blue sky quickly faded to grey all the way back to the top where I ate a bite and headed back to Fox Hollow TH

Fav creature pic on the trip

GaiaGPS Stats

For the ‘stopped time’ – ate 11:00 bite without pausing recording

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