Adding the Dorris Ranch, Middle Fork and Clearwater Park paths to the Eugene path along the river to Delta Highway, one can find a fairly decent day’s ride along the Willamette River. Most of the 30+ miles of this ride were on bike paths; the two road segments were a) house to trail and b) Island Park to Dorris Ranch.

Heading east up river the rider passes thru Dorris Ranch and then onto the Middle Fork path .. along here are several great spots w/ benches to sit and take in the river (a picnic?)

The day of this ride the trail was crowded with walkers, runners and a crowd of people walking dogs. Flashing front / back lights are required on this section of the trail. Between the Springfield section at Dorris Ranch and the between section at Island Park a steep hill sits waiting. Back down and thru Pre’s Trails, Alton Baker park and to Delta Ponds (Valley River area) where an in frequent visitor was fishing.

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Not far from here, a footbridge crosses the Willamette and a ride an chose which side of the river to take to the end. The west side of the river has the sanitation / water treatment plant; the east side of the river has expensive homes with fences and walls.

Regardless, the view from the footbridge makes it hard to believe one is in the city (… college town).

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