Another autumn day perfect for hiking – cold, crisp and clear (at least to start). To minimize carbon cost, Ridgeline Trail was the destination, a short 10 minute drive right outside Eugene. Left early to catch sunrise as usual though started heading to the Fox Hollow TH, but missed the turn and ended up at Willamette TH. Quickly zipped up the Gregory 30L, and hit the trail going up / east to Spencer first thing.

Surprisingly, as I entered the woods, a mother deer and two fawn from this year were very close to the trail – not afraid of my goat bells nor me. Being almost dark, the flash went up to hopefully catch an eyeball or two

Two eyeballs too far apart to be the same …

Not too long afterward, the sun broke the ridge from the lower elevation.

Once I left Ridgeline heading up to summit, there were peek-a-boo views of the valley below … the top was going to be spectacular in typical inverted cold air fashion in the Cascade foothills. (at least 1 camera gallery will be posted as well)

After the top 1x, I went further east to Fox Hollow and on Dillard Rd and then to Baldy. On this side of the hill, the fog looked a bit different.

From Baldy, it was back up to the top (Spencer) … and along the way the fog started to break away with fall colors

A great morning for a walk in the woods …

Fav Creature of the hike

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