Another unstable air day for a time-boxed hike on Ridgeline Trail (All Trails). For the time box, I wanted to be home, coffee-full and showered by 1pm; between enough light to see and that time constraint, it was up to my feet.

Started as typical from the S Willamette TH, and went quickly thru to Blanton and then turned around – there are always other hikers / runners on the Blanton section. Today, there were two deer – this year’s children already abandoned by their mother was my guess. Too dark, again, for a pic.

By the time I returned to Willamette there was no confusion about what season is upon us.

Looking southwest from the northwest side of Spencer right before entering the woods from the TH

Most of the hike was in the fog, rain and mist … the air above the hills was heavy and layered.

The hike itself was uneventful yet given the time box, I was unable to reach the top 2x while hitting both Blanton and Baldy end points – needed another 45 minutes (for a rest too). This was the first ‘boot’ hike of the season as the mud is back!

Fav Creature of the HIke

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