Ok, i’ll admit it, I have serious feet / toes issues. I was blessed with genetic bias for bunions, hammer toes and corns (calluses). Those are usually enough to give serious hikers an issue. In addition, I have run (and continue to run) half marathon distances for almost 45 years. I have genetic issues and a bunch of miles on my feet.

Over the years, I have tried surgical tape, bandaids, moleskin, toe-bumpers, and this last summer, duct tape to both prevent and manage those issues. Finally, I found a product that makes all of those historical tid-bits.

Basketball player fingers is where the inspiration originated. And, after 50+ miles in very demanding conditions (up, down, hard, wet, muddy, etc), I found the best solution yet.

I put them on my two most damaged, sensitive toes to protect from a) hammer toe and b) very bad corn on bunion. They have worked great! These are now part of my essential gear set as well as extras in emergency bag.

Here is the Amazon link, and I am working w/ my local running store to add to their offerings as well.

Goat Bells’ score = 4 Bells!

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