For the last two weeks, only 1 hike per week was possible given other commitments and the weather. Both hikes were local Spencer Butte / Ridgeline variations of 12 and 16 miles in the fog and mist. During first of the two, twice a pileated woodpecker showed up on different sides of the hill, so assuming different birds. That makes 3x in the last month pileated woodpeckers were seen on Spencer.

The first image shows how the bird bends its neck to get inside the tree. The last (lower right corner) is a bit faded out in the head as this bird was very busy.

While both hikes were somewhat misty and foggy, the skies never disappointed.

The weather kept most humans off the trails so the time was well spent with the little birds and squirrels. These are my favorite winter hikes – wet, threatening weather without rain but keeping people home

The first hike was a simple up and down 2x between Fox Hollow and Blanton without any stops / rests. The second hike was longer going up 3x; once from Willamette, once from Fox Hollow and once from Baldy with 1 rest. These are great hikes for long haul conditioning and both were done w/ Gregory 30L pack, but neither required rain shell jacket – just outer fleece.

This was my favorite tree from the pics

GaiaGPS Stats

First hike

Second hike

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  1. Believe I saw Fox Hollow when I was with you! I am so glad for the introduction of places around Eugene!! Makes your hikes more personal.

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