While last week was filled with snow (and then some sun), this past week was a deluge raining 0.5″ daily for several days keeping everyone but the bravest acting like the children waiting for Thing 1 and Thing 2. I took advantage of a couple breaks with the camera … its a mix, but the hawk was fab! (2 days i think same bird hunting on the golf course). The jay was eating, the huron fishing and the cormorants drying out … the snow-person melting and the sky exploding.

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  1. MIchael, The bluejay almost makes me think spring is coming! Not so here but maybe in Oregon. We have had some sun the last few days but very little. Ice is now open water, happened overnite! Ice where not expecting it, Charley and I both had problems walking this AM! Too cold in your neighborhood for the rain to turn to ice? Be careful on your walks; seems you are always looking up. Not a bad thing.

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