WIth very unstable air that turned cold to warm to cold and back to warm, I headed out to Spencer Butte, Fox Hollow trailhead for a good 15+mile ramble and importantly timed to catch the sunrise at the top. Driving there had me swerving around a family of deer weirdly in the street, and then the birds at Cascade Raptor Center were really making noise. I recorded them, but it was too far away and all the other noise crowded them out.

The hike when like this after leaving the car ~7:15am:

  • Fox Hollow TH to the top
  • Top to N. Willamette TH
  • Willamette to the top
  • Top to Baldy
  • Baldy to the top
  • Top back to Fox Hollow

For most of the hike, camera was inside roll-top dry bag as rain came / went. Sunrise was good, however, and there were few people on the trail which was even better!

GAIAGps Data

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  1. You might as well have been a mailman, you know, “neither rain…!!

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