Breaks in the weather are not to be taken lightly in an Oregon winter. Another day with a possible clear sunrise, and my hiking boots were ready! I set off a bit earlier than the other hike this week. Today’s hike was a time-boxed hike with a return before noon and as many up / downs as possible. By the time I was ready to leave the car at Fox Hollow trailhead for the quickest / safest summit, it was still mostly dark.

Once on the trail, Demtri (LInk), an Eurasian Eagle-owl at Cascades Raptor Center started making big noises as I passed underneath his enclosure (one of the closest ones to the trail). A few other birds joined in, but not long enough to capture a recording.

From Fox Hollow, I went as fast as possible to the top for a sunrise pic set.

The fog was unique as the valley was socked in tight in all directions, but the foothills toward the cascade spine was devoid of fog. I was atop as soon as the sun broke above the ridge to the SE. From the top, it was down to the S. Willamette TH and then right back to the top for a second set of sunrise pics.

From the top, it was back down to Fox Hollow TH and along the way, the sun broke through the fog and came through the trees magically.

From Fox Hollow it was back to the top for another set of pics with even more clear skies and the sun bouncing off the heavily snowed cascades.

There were a bit too many people on the trail for my comfort and pleasure, but it’s hard to resist a sunny January day and not hit the woods!

In summary, the hike was Fox Hollow to top, top to S. Willamette, S Willamette to top, top to Fox Hollow, Fox Hollow to top, and then back to Fox Hollow / car.

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