Another one of those cold days with fog on the valley floor, and the opportunity to hike up the hill to catch the sunrise. The hike went on Ridgeline from Blanton to Spring with 2 ups between. The first 15 minutes were in the dark with a new rechargeable headlamp. From the first break in the trees (above the thick, thick fog below), the perfect half-moon was sinking to the west, and the sun rising behind the Sisters.

Going on to the top just a few minutes after the sun broke over the ridge and left the clouds w/ this pink haze with the moon lower

Heading down the other side, these dew-filled webs were hanging on the trees and as the sun broke through the fog, they were like little baskets catching the dew.

The second time at the top, the fog was less, the sun higher, but the clouds hugged the lower ground just as thickly. Mt Jefferson and the Sisters framed the clouds in foreground and the bare tree foothills between. Just another winter day in OR

After leaving the top and heading toward Baldy and down the other side, the trees, bushes and grasses were covered in ice.

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