Another cold clear day was expected, so why not head up the hill again? Started a few minutes later than Tuesday and only needed headlamp for 5-10 minutes. The fog was crystallizing into ice in the sub freezing temperatures and the frost was thick. The hike itself was 4x up to the top touching all 3 TH: N. Willamette, S. Willamette and Fox Hollow.

Getting started was cold – really cold. I added a down vest to my typical 3-layer winter tops. Hiking out in dark w/ headlamp is different with colors nothing but shades of grey – it’s worth the effort for the diversity of experiencing the woods like many animals (greyscale).

<Reminder to click on pic for 90% resolution>

The start was late for catching the sunrise at the top, but it did break over the trees near the top.

Getting to the top was so cold that the pics were rushed the first time. But the moon was still up barely visible and the soft colors were amazing. Tuesday was much crisper, cleaner air. The lower left pic is a great catch of the tree pointing to Mt Washington.

Heading up and down the sun over the ridge is a typical old testament visionary image

There were more of the spiderweb dew collectors and it being colder some ice too.

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