After my Granite Gear Crown failed to live up to expectations last year, I replaced it with an Osprey Exos 58 Pack. After 2 test runs (hikes) of >15 miles each, I am rejecting the Exos as well.


What I like about the pack:

  • Weight = ok
  • Fabric = ok
  • Brain, body design = good
  • Huge back pocket = good
  • Size = good, could fit 450 BV easily

What I DO NOT like about the pack:

  • Shoulder straps = thin, bad, also hard to work in cold weather
  • Weight balance straps = too short, mine were all the way regardless of weight
  • Hip belt = comfort, good | lack of pockets bad
  • Side pockets for on trail in / out of water bottle = bad, had to contort my arm and use 2 hands (full size Smart water size)
  • Compression straps = thin, hard to work in cold weather

I will return it and try again … There are three deal breakers for me and more than 1 work-around is not worth it imho: a) no belt pockets, b) thin shoulder straps, and c) hard to use side pockets (the fourth is the compression strap size / workability, but i think similar on all ‘ultralight’ gear.

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