Over 20 degrees warmer than the last trip to Silver Falls, and there was no ice … a bit of rain and mud, but nothing material or dramatic. Just the falls, trees, birds and a few humans who not surprisingly hugged the trailheads. I arrived at the North Falls trailhead before 7am and was hiking within 15 minutes – there were 3 cars in the parking lot.

From the TH, took the Canyon Trail through the spectacular falls

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At the South Falls area, I took the Maple Ridge trail back to Canyon Trail (mistake – Maple Ride is nothing but a way to avoid people at the creek, but not needed today). I did not take the Rim Trail at all today.

The difference between the two hikes so far this year were obvious but a close up of the falls …

The pic with the wall is the same (different direction) as the one covered in 1 inch of ice in earlier trip, and what looks like icicles in the lower right corner is water, not ice.

Even the creek had a completely different look to it

I tried again to hike further out on the Perimeter trail and again received the warning

I only went about 3 miles down the path and turned around both due to boredom and time. The trail is a better mountain bike route, period. Turned around and came back to the car. At that time (around 1pm), there were a dozen cars in the parking lot, but mine was the only one from before. I saw one deer near one of the newer, obscure trailheads and the birds were singing everywhere. Humans were few, the scenery outstanding.

I wore light rain shell the entire hike and used it as a gear test for Osprey backpack with 30 pounds (review to follow). Other gear all worked as expected.

Silver Falls is magical, but I think there’s a trick to it. First, go at times and days when other humans don’t – not weekends and as early as possible. Second, pick less than ‘best’ weather and remember that most humans stay 100 yards from their car 🙂

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  1. And Dad nor I have been there! Next trip???

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