Molly Tuttle

This is a bit out of scope for my typical posts, but what does a hiker do in bad weather? … play guitar and listen to great players to learn more. Molly Tuttle is a young guitar player and just blows me away … she earlier played often with Billy Strings.

They are both mind-blowing players and performers. There is a huge difference, and Molly is my fav between the two … she just plays / sings more to my ‘old time’ bias.

Her new album with her band (most / all from Berklee) – all deeply steeped in American Roots music, “Crooked Tree”. For you American music fans, the album was produce by Jerry Douglas, and you can hear him throughout. He too has the ‘touch’.

My favorite songs on the album: Crooked Tree, Dooley’s Farm, Big Backyard, and especially Side Saddle (w/ Gillian Welch).

Gillian said this about Molly, … quote: “The person that I’m interested in is what Molly Tuttle is doing. I think she has a tremendous sensitivity for the music and there’s something about her spirit, it has a gentleness and strength in it. I like her vibe and her musicality. I performed with her and got to hear her perform at the IBMAs in Raleigh just last month. She did my favorite thing of the night. She did a version of “Rain And Snow” that was really lovely.

I did not post too many links to songs, as who knows where you listen, I use Apple Music …. Molly’s website has some links.

Here’s a YouTube for “Crooked Tree” Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway – Crooked Tree (Live) – YouTube

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