Willamette’s raptors and flowers

Walking yesterday (Earth Day) along the Willamette River, raptors filled the sky, flowers opened their colors and the first baby geese left their nests.

Reminder: click on pictures to open better resolution

Why an idiot? As i was walking around the Mill Race Pond, a movement flashed above my left side … WHAM! A huge osprey, hit the inflow near a bridge not 20ft away. A fish in feet with wings upward, it pushed off and up quickly away, while I stood there camera in hand too stunned to take a picture. I had watched osprey fish from a distance, but this was ‘i could touch it; i could hear the splash; i could see fish details”. This ranks up there with being woke by a killer whale pod in San Juans about the same distance away. I immediately called my dad to tell him about it; sure he thought I was going to jump through cell line with excitement.

I was standing at the fence and the osprey dove between bridge and rapids

But, no pics … I walked on intent to not miss another. Flowers were so much easier for camera to capture.

Raptors filled the sky two different times. Once, crows were chasing a hawk away from their nests (the left pic below), and another group of crows chased a bald eagle down river (sadly, no good pic). Turkey vultures circled higher above and I was even able to a perched capture one.

Herons hunted along the mill race shore and the first baby geese waddled away from their nests but never far from watchful parent.

A scrub jay perched on a wire and a little camera zoom catches it

What a day – WOW!

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  • Your camera is going to break from being on “overload!” What does the Jay need those claws for? I wonder if our Blue Jays have them too? Thanks for such great pictures.

  • Michael, your pictures are excellent, allowing the viewer to feel as they were there seeing it….falling into the actual location.
    Thank you so much!

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