For the last two years, Topo Athletic has been my go-to shoe for hiking and training. Nothing has changed; they are the best shoe so-far for my odd-ball feet.

With this spring season closing and summer starting, different shoes take over, leaving old, too tired, dead shoes. The trail runners are in, the boots are out. The current pair of trail runners is my 4th and will most likely NOT make it to the end of season – but, there’s another pair in the box waiting.

Shoes back left: last season trail runners, last season no-rock plate trail runners, and last season trail runners (hiking miles last season, ~900). Shoes front left: winter boots, road runners, and water proof (gortex) road runners (both road runners for sidewalk hiking)

Topo shoes have two things that just work for me: first, the extra wide toe box, and second, the very small heel-to-toe drop. Like all trail runners, they’re light, fast drying, and contain a thin rock plate. I seldom get blisters, tired feet, or turned ankles … pair the Topo shoes with Darn Tough socks and my feet stay happy.

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