Between long hikes, recovery workouts on the bike along the wonderful Willamette River can be amazing. The river’s level is high, higher at this time of year for over 5 years. The up-stream Lookout Reservoir was even ‘lowered’ so it could catch the remaining mountain snow pack … still melting.

The blue areas = remaining snow pack that will feed into Willamette watershed, eventually.

Source: GaiaGPS and NOAA

One day, a ride of 35 miles was possible with less than 3 miles on roads – the rest on the bike / walk paths along the river. There is never a shortage of people out on and along the river. Sometimes, one can forget that this is pretty much within a metro / urban area of >200,000 people. – this is all from my front door, too.

NOTE: All photos from iPhone SE2

We watched the kayakers a couple of different times – a leader or two and a school group? … the leader showed them 2x how to navigate up-stream rapids and rollover too! Fun to watch

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  1. Colton took a class this summer, roll overs we’re a part of it! We practiced in Y pool! Leaving tomorrow?

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