Sometimes, one just has to bite the bullet and do the hard work … maintaining elevation gain capability while on a week of ‘rest’ from backpacking. Sitting around or walking around level city walkways does not cut it. So, off to Spencer Butte for a short elevation gain exercise time-boxed to leave around 7 and return around 11.

The weather was cooler than recently with fog and mist so heavy that it dripped to the ground keeping dust minimum. I’ve found that for elevation exercise, starting at Fox Hollow TH is both easiest and safest. At the start, there were several cars in lot, yet the raptors across the street at Raptor Center were quiet, completely.

Here’s the view first time to top

After going from Fox Hollow to the top, it was down to S Willamette TH then back to top, down to Ridgeline junction, back to top and then to the car … touched the top 4x, and covered 9 miles. The last time at the top, the air was clearing, the water gone, and more and more people showing up … sadly. Few birds, no large mammals, too much fog and mist without views to pic, and by the end, too many people. But such a great place to get a good elevation workout!

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