For an early October hike with smoke from Cedar Creek Fire filling the valley, the Ridgeline trail offered a fast hike treat. The hike started at Spring Blvd then to Spencer Butte, then to Willamette Blvd, back to Spencer and then back to the car – with 3x touching the top of Spencer Butte.

Starting off and even at Fox Hollow there were no other hikers and the smoke / fog was thick. At the Cascades Raptor Center all was quiet as well.

Along the way to the top, the air and trees put on quite a show … if i looked up

The first time and third time at the top, the smoke / fog was thick and visibility was limited. Between, some sun poked through but it could not break through and stay.

2 mother deer with 2 fawns (this year’s) met me on the trail. They would not scare with noise and just stood around watching me until I started talking at them … they had no fear of human, and they looked well fed (wonder where they get their food?)

What a way to spend an overcast October day …

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