Backpacking season 2022 finished with over 1000 miles hiked around OR and WA. Time to comment on the final backpacking gear kit including which gear needs replaced or updated and gear that helped make a great season. Packing this all into either day pack or backpack will be another post, and a separate post for food too.

A quick aside on gear retailers

For purchasing new gear, the default retailer is Garage Grown Gear (GGG), and REI when GGG does not carry the product. If necessary to get the right gear, purchasing direct from producer. This priority order meets two critical objectives: a) actively support sustainable, small businesses that KNOW hiking, and b) limit the places purchasing (personal) information is stored to lower cybersecurity risk.

Note: receives no $ kickbacks from any of the retailer links below.

Gear kit by component

Pack and accessoriesMulti-night pack: Gossamer Mariposa 6031.5 ozGGG, Gossamer review (post)Keep for 2023
Pack and accessoriesDay pack: Yar.gear 28L Ultra Mountain Drifter12.5 oz (changed sternum strap from stock)Yar.gear (GGG does not yet carry ultra version) review (post)Keep for 2023
Pack and accessoriesPack pods – Hyperlite Mountain Gear DCF podsdepends on sizeGGG, Hyperlite Mountain Geareverything but kitchen and food in DCF pods- some double baggedKeep for 2023
Pack and accessoriesPack pouches – Ultra fabric UltraliteSacksdepends on sizeGGG, UltraLiteSacksUsed for multi-night and day hikesKeep for 2023
Pack and accessoriesWaist pack – Summit Bum from Thrupack4.7 oz w/ comfy strapGGG, ThruPackWaterproof, large capacity and supports camera. Comfy strap is extra $ & oz but worth it imhoKeep for 2023
ShelterTent – REI Flash Air 11 lb, 6 oz (22 oz)REI (discountinued per website)Lightweight nylon tent; not sufficient for poor weather: carry tarp to stay dry Replace after 2023
ShelterTarp – Gossamer Twinn Tarp9.9 oz (cords and sack)GGG, GossamerExtra water, sun protection worth the weight; adds flexibility to forgo tentKeep for 2023
SleepingSleeping bag – REI Magma 301 lb, 3.8 oz (19.8 oz)REIBought in 2019 and carried since – showing age: requires layering clothes in sub30 degreesReplace for 2023 (20 degree bag or quilt, tbd)
SleepingPad – Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite12 ozREI, Term-a-Restnew in 2022 after Nemo pad leaked – more comfortable than Nemo. Packs stiffly – but smallKeep for 2023
SleepingClothes – sleeping clothes and emergency dry layersvariousREI, SmartwoolSmartwool base layer top, Smartwool liner gloves, cheap tech bottoms, Smartwool lightweight beanieKeep all for 2023
KitchenStove – JetBoil Flash13.1 oz (no fuel)REI, JetBoil3+ years and going strong; very fuel efficient. Tried a MightyMoe, but burnt too much fuel to carry 100g canisterKeep for 2023
KitchenSpoon – Titanium Long Handle by Toaks0.5 ozGGGJust right length for dehydrated food pouchesKeep for 2023
KitchenWater bottle – 16 oz Nalgene (2)3 oz each (9 oz)REIIf dry conditions, also 1 aluminum Natural Grocers. >weight than a Smart Water plastic bottle, but no through-away plastic bottlesKeep for 2023
Safety GPS / Satellite – Garmin inReach mini3.5 ozREI, GarminNew in 2022 and worked great, though can take time under heavy canopies – used for comms and updates when no cell serviceKeep for 2023
SafetyGPS / Maps – GaiaGPSsoftware on iPhoneGaiaGPSmaps, track recording, and GPS help – not the best for planning a hike (AllTrails is better), but on the trail, GaiaGPS is ‘go-to’ toolKeep for 2023
SafetyTrekking poles – Black Diamond Alpine Carbon1 lb, 1.1 oz
(17.1 oz)
REI, Black review (post)Keep for 2023
SafetyWater purification – Kataydn BeFree 2.3 ozREI, review (post)

Small / light to carry in back pants’ pocket, replaced squeeze bottle with HydraPak
Keep for 2023

(purchased 1L for dryer hiking)
SafetySocks – Darn Tough hikersREI, Darn ToughThe third season with Darn Tough – buy 3 pairs / year different color every year; old for short hikes, and new for long hikes. Best socks found yet!3 new pair 2023
SafetyShoes – Topo Athletic Trailventure 2 WP15.9 oz (boots)REI, Topo review (post)Keep for 2023

Still looking for hot weather trail runners that are NOT mesh
SafetyBattery pack – Anker 10,000 w/ USB-C7.5 ozAnkerthis keeps phone, Garmin and watch charged for 6 day hikeKeep for 2023
Water / cold protectionWarm outer layer – Patagonia nano-puff11.9 ozREI, PatagoniaLight and packs tight, and works well under rain jacket for layered very cold weather protectionKeep for 2023
Water / cold protectionMiddle layer – Patagonia UV calipene hooded shirt6.3 ozREI, Patagoniaworks well for both keeping warm, and keeping coolKeep for 2023
Water / cold protectionGloves cold – Smartwool linersglovesThin enough to tie boot laces without taking off, and subtle finger pads to activate Apple touchscreensKeep for 2023
Water / cold protectionGloves water – Zpacks rain mittens Zpacksa gift from hiking buddy – works great and when really cold wear over linersKeep for 2023
Water / cold protectionRain jacket – Mountain Hardware Gortex REI, ColumbiaJacket has worked well so far and kept me dryKeep for 2023

bought same pants for 2023

Backpacking gear kit of 2022 – the better ‘keepers’

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