Sunrise on Pre’s Trail in 26 degrees this morning started with headlamp on through Alton Baker Park on to Mill Race and around back along Willamette River. Cold air, heavy frost so I’d leave footprints on the bark dust trail, and so few other humans that early … nice! Geese, herons, ducks, a cormorant and a few song birds gathered near warmer water.

After a couple hours, the cold got the better of me, and back home I went. The better photos taken before sunrise.

  • Pre-dawn sun over the Willamette River
  • tree branches grabbing the slivered moon
  • steam rising from a pond in early morning
  • a tree, a plane and the moon over the pre-dawn
  • wide pre-dawn view
  • geese flying over a pre-dawn sun
  • a cormorant pushing head up to meet the sun
  • ice on the footbridge railing

Compare these photos with the ones from that foggy day not long ago.

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  1. Michael, “Get up with the birds” certainly applies to you! 4 degrees for Sunday here. Two swans are still in the lake e flocks of geese seem to be stopping by for a rest e food. Will dry to get some pictures. Love, mom

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