Photos dry January days around town

Photos from dry January days around town in Oregon are rare – without rain, birds and flowers oddly show up and sunrises surprise, The last few days were just so …

Oddly placed birds

Winter in Willamette Valley houses sea gulls. Why? A quick search found little but a reference for Gulls. My sister, a long-time coastal resident, guessed they head to the valley to avoid storms (and find easier food … ).

For those curious, that hotel roof-top usually has gulls – only in the winter or summer storms.

Crows oddly atop trees to great the sunrise and a false goose lodged on river’s island. When I walked by the island later, the decoy had floated away …

Winter flowers

Odd flower arrangements and something pretending to be a flower?

One character took advantage of the dry day


Catching the light, clouds, perspective for a sunrise is nothing short of magic … every sunrise is different … each is its own dance. I like those before the sun …

Around town

Eugene Butte-full

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  • Started out here too icy to walk, better this PM. Are you noticing a few minutes earlier for sunrise? Love, mom

    • over last couple weeks sunrise (official) has moved from 7:44 to 7:34 yesterday – i really notice leaving home earlier to catch sunrise atop some hill 🙂

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