Chasing sunrise cloud magic on Pre’s Trail

Chasing sunrise cloud magic on Pre’s Trail at Eugene’s Alton Baker Park lasted about 30 minutes before the rain swept in.

Chasing sunrises

Chasing a sunrise requires getting up early – trying to arrive at the best photo location about 30 minutes before official sunrise. Today, Feb 3, sunrise was 07:29. I needed an hour to walk … left home ~06:00, headlamp turned up bright.

Earliest cloud magic

Shortly after leaving the park on the bark dust trail, a comms tower appears to hold up the clouds

Around the corner toward the open field, the clouds billowed up together

Right before dawn

A couple planes appeared in the sky over amazing wisps and then disappearing in the upper clouds

Dawn – sunrise chase complete

Returning on Pre’s Trail

Along the river several people walked their dogs and the ducks tried to stay warm

By the time I returned, camera was in Ultra sack, and my raincoat was wet.

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